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Chapter 1: The Beginning….

In the beginning, travelling to Japan is one of my life goals for the far future. But having the opportunity to have that goal achieved before my 16th birthday is a blessing. getting the chance to actually meet 2 Japanese students Haruki and Remi. It was a very exciting moment of 2019 and only making me more determined to go to Japan.so when the notice about a Japanese exchange scholarship for 2020 got out I just had to apply.

The Phases…

Throughout the phases, to the scholarship, it was pretty nerve-racking to see the number of students who also took on the challenge for this scholarship but I just had to keep my mind on the goal ahead. The 1st step for the scholarship was to write an essay It took me quite a few all-nighters to finish. 2nd step was an observation test. Having all the students go through group activities while being observed on communication teamwork confidence etc. 3rd step was the interview with the previous Japanese exchange ambassadors. I was stuttering throughout the whole interview and was a miracle that I proceeded to the last phase. The final phase to the scholarship was to be interviewed by the sponsors funding the Japanese exchange scholarship And just like my 3rd phase interview, I was stuttering throughout most of the interview as well. After the final phase, I was non stop doubting myself for letting the pressure get to head. receiving the final letter to decide if I have a seat on the plane to japan or to say that I will have to try again next year. So opening the letter and having to read the first line “congratulations, you have been selected as one of the successful Aorere Ambassadors” I couldn’t believe my eyes and let out a celebration scream. for me to be one of the 8 ambassadors to represent our school into traveling to japan is really a blessing that I’m grateful to have. And I can’t wait till the day comes where we finally get on that plane.

the final letter…

Chapter 2: The Award

It was Thursday the 13th it was about that time where we are officially introduced as the Japanese ambassadors of 2020 to the senior school. At our previous lessons, Mr. Ali made sure that we remember to meet at the main office area during the interval break, so we can greet the sponsors that our funding our trip to Japan.as we arrived into the main office area Mr. Ali introduced us to the sponsors from Novatel and Ibis. we all got our chance to greet them, then we had to get into our seating plan for the award ceremony. After getting into our spots for the awards. As the students began to stand with the piano following on we make our way to the stage. We get on the stage and stand over our seats for the national anthem.after a few minutes of my flat singing during the anthem we sit down and waited for our moment. As the assembly progresses through Mr.peirce’s talk and the announcement of the prefects for 2020. Then it was time for us to receive our certificates.it wasn’t long till my name was called out so I walked up, stood alongside the boys, everyone applauded then we returned to our seats and I just couldn’t stop looking at my certificate thinking of what’s to come this April…

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